Charles Turner 
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Charles Turner   Lives and works in Lancashire, England.
Education           BA Photography, Manchester School of Art. 


                   Paper Geographies, Manchester
2019                  Unit X, Manchester
2018                  Up north, Preston


2020                Loom Magazine
2020                Illagrypho Press, Issue 1; SPACE 

About the work 

When I navigate backwards through my life, through ruddy adolescence into the whimsy and protection of childhood, instead of a linear path I find disconnected scraps of lived experience. The blue of the tiles, the sting of the garden ferns.

I’m interested in the fragmentary nature of memory, the ways in which the past overlaps and tangles with the present. The longing that is born from it. My approach is tactile and playful, collaging photographs onto sunned wallpaper that if viewed on their own, act as cursory glances and intimate moments, but viewed together, form a nostalgic longing for the past,
the pictures become the breathing bodies of the boys I lived previously.


01. How buses determine the        
       shape of trees 
02. Vessels and Thresholds
03. The forty minute walk
04. Thirteen Artefacts 

05. Journal 
06. Notes on folk