Charles Turner 
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FMP: How buses determine the shape of trees

While being back home I would go on a walk everyday with my family. We would do pretty much the same route each time and as we walked I would be reminded of all the walks before this one. As I've spent years projecting memories into this place, so many parts of the landscape become monuments, some you keep with you, most are forgotten until the next time you are there existing in the space. My time has been spent subconsciously responding to these ideas. The images are a reflection on state dependant memory; how place can influence the process of remembering and forgetting. My personal memory and childhood take the form of intimate, fleeting, and magical moments that I relive while walking our walk. This series is made up of darkroom prints and scraps of sun bleached papers that have been painted and drawn on to achieve a sort of fragmentation, like artefacts that you mightfind when clearing out the house of a departed loved one or lost within the pages of a sketchbook.

01. How buses determine the        
       shape of trees 
02. Vessels and Thresholds
03. The forty minute walk
04. Thirteen Artefacts 

05. Journal 
06. Notes on folk